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Mark E. Smith's Brain Dump > Posts > First 5 Exchange 2010 MCM's
March 30
First 5 Exchange 2010 MCM's
Ok a little gratuitous plug for myself, but heck, this wasn't easy. Congrats to my colleagues and fellow Rotation 5 classmates.
"Between March 1st and March 20th 2010 we delivered (very successfuly I might add) the first ever Exchange 2010 MCM rotation.

From a class of 13 we ended up with 5 fully qualified and shiny new MCM's. Only 5 you might say? Well, it's not many, I agree, but there are several more who just need to pass one piece at the second attempt and then I'm sure they too will join this rather elite group. It's not easy being a Master on Exchange when the product is so new. "


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